Curated by Jamie Jenkinson

Not and Or

Friday 7th October 2016


Close-Up Film Centre
97 Sclater Street
London E1 6HR


John Smith, Steve Hates Fish, 2015 5:12

Amy Dickson, This is Clapton, 2016 4:00

Amy Dickson, Flags, 2016, 5:32

Hannah Taverner, Untitled, 2015 1:40

Nicky Hamlyn & Joséphine Michel, Ramsgate Beach, 2016 2:18

Nicky Hamlyn, Zoetrope, 2013 3:10

Jamie Jenkinson, Malha, 2016 8:08

Simon Payne NOT AND OR, 2014 17:40

Total running time: 47 minutes

VIDEO is a screening event highlighting the specific use of video by contemporary artists. The programme focuses less on the polished ‘moving-image’ production, and more on experimentation and the use of more accessible popular video technologies. The screenings will highlight areas where video has been used for its specific characteristics, opening up the rising debate of medium specificity in and around ideas of post-media hybridisation.

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