Sunday Art Fair

elliot dodd

Evelyn Yard at Sunday Art Fair 2016
Booth 4
6 – 9 October

Private View Thursday 6pm – 10pm
Opening Times
Fri & Sat – 12pm – 9pm
Sun – 12pm – 6pm


Evelyn Yard is pleased to announce its participation at SUNDAY art Fair with a solo presentation by recent RA Schools graduate Elliot Dodd, a multidisciplinary artist who works with video, sound, sculpture and drawing.

Dodd focuses on the use of surfaces and techniques that embody the spirit of the global ‘techno-macho-man’. He produces objects, drawings and moving images that reconfigure the languages of desire, confidence and authority into a new fluid, composite structure. These elements are brought together to form hybrid presentations where the works act out their roles.

His most recent film, Limpid and Salubrious, 2016, in 4k definition, combines the high-resolution cinematic language of automotive advertising with a poly-gendered discussion about personal appearance. By obscuring the actors’ faces with throbbing, over-sexualised 3d computer animation, Dodd points towards a highly compromised new biology, where interior surfaces of an electric car are interwoven with fundamental human desire and attraction.

Accompanying the video are the two totem-like drawings that are custom-framed within coloured MDF panels and form the support for the canopy. The lightness and temporality of this aluminium framework structure creates a corporate atmosphere for the film to be watched in, drawing on Dodd’s interest in the visual language of military and technological trade fairs.

Sunday Art Pick by Director Aaron Cezar from Delfina Foundation and Supplement Magazine Editor Alex Rayner.

Elliot Dodd Solo Presentation Booth
Elliot Dodd Solo Presentation Booth