b. 1984, Arendal, Norway. Lives and works in Norwary.

Tiril Haselknippe works with language and narrative, playfully and thoughtfully using poems and writings to discuss the act of making. Incorporating the likes of furniture, staircases, surfboards, cars, lighting and anchors, the body of work is routed in a material and textual world that is on one hand deeply personal and on the other talks of the broader challenges of the female artist.

Playing with the history and cultural attachment to objects, Hasselknippe’s ongoing project fuses the past with our very digital present, where it has become increasingly easy to forget the base materiality of digital technologies that are so reliant on the word. As poet Harry Burke notes, everything comes with an existing and embedded ideology’.

Tiril Hasselknippe FLOOR, 2014 Concrete, dye 386L x 273 x 5 cm
Tiril Hasselknippe, CHEST PIECE, 2014, Bronze, patina, copper wire. 50 x 33 cm
Tiril Hasselknippe, ANCHOR BLACK, 2014, Patina, bronze, steel, brass 99 x 96 x 112cm
Tiril Hasselknippe ANCHOR PRUSSIAN, 2014 Patina, bronze, steel, brass 53 x 71 x 112 cm
Tiril Hasselknippe, ANCHOR TURQOUISE, 2014 Patina, bronze, steel, brass 90 x 74 x 114cm
Tiril Hasselknippe SAND (JESSE), 2014 Sand and binder 27 x 18 x 21 cm
Tiril Hasselknippe, Untitled (Surfboard), 2014 Welded steel, Pigmented polyurethane resin, 196 x 65 x 16 cm