b.1987, Lancaster, UK, lives and works in London.

Jamie Jenkinson is a London based video artist researching popular video technology through an online archive of iPhone videos. He studied Video Art Production BA at UCA, Maidstone; Visual Communication MA at RCA, London; and is currently a PhD candidate at LICA, Lancaster. Jenkinson’s videos, and extensions of them, have been screened/exhibited/performed at V&A, London; Tate Britain, London; National Portrait Gallery, London; MoMA, New York; Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg; Round House, London; Microscope Gallery, New York and Evelyn Yard, London. Currently Jenkinson is a visiting lecturer at ARU, Cambridge, and RCA, London; and programs moving-image events such as Redo for ANDOR and VIDEO for Evelyn Yard.


Plants on Windowsill IV, iPhone 6, 2015

Three Waste Paper Bins, waste paper bins, 2014 (photo Mark Blower)


Morning, iPhone 6, 2015

Jamie Jenkinson, Add New Layer, Re-present Progressive Scan, 2014 Installation View

Tumble Dryer, iPhone 6, 2015

Hangers, JJB coat-hangers, chrome clothing rail, 2014

Argentina 15, iPhone 6, Final Cut Pro 7, MacBook Pro, 2015


Jamie Jenkinson, Arnie, poster, patterned glass, cast iron brackets, 2014 (photo Mark Blower)