b. 1985 London. Lives and works in London

Holly White works across mediums including, video, performance, cast bronze, glazed ceramics, weaving, knitting, sculpture and installation, Holly White presents a body of work that is intriguing, personal and cumulative. Using leitmotif that are collectively known and faded, along with works that integrate memories and the subconscious, the space has been transformed into a place that evokes possibilities of what might be. Holly White suggests and proposes both a new present and a new future whilst re-imagining how one looks at the past.

Holly White, No one is going to go there anymore, 2014 Installation View
Holly White, What Are We Going To Do Now T-Shirt, 2014
Holly White, Window Seat, 2014
Holly White, The City Is Empty Now Blanket, 2014
Holly White Dancer’s Vests And Tote Bag (No one is going to go there anymore number 2), 2014